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Behavioural Safety Services

Peak HSE has significant experience in assisting Companies to take a step change in their Health and Safety Culture, through the use of behavioural safety processes.

It is estimated that 80% of work related accidents are caused by employees’ behaviour – unsafe acts and omissions.  

The behaviour based approach to safety is focussed on the observable, measureable behaviours critical to safety.

This should not be confused with workplace inspections which look at unsafe conditions.

Typically, this approach requires the following steps in consultation with the safety team & senior management:

  • Identification of a leader, outside the Health and Safety Management area
  • Defining key objectives & target areas
  • Developing a tailored methodology
  • Conducting Management briefings
  • Developing measures of safety performance
  • Training of observers & observing safety performance
  • Determining a baseline
  • Establishing improvement goals
  • Feedback & follow up

We can help by assisting at every stage of the process.

HSE provides additional guidance on behavioural safety.

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