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COSHH Assessment

COSHH stands for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002. These regulations aim to protect employees from exposure to any hazardous materials - dusts, mists, vapours, fumes, gases and biological materials.

The regulations require employers to assess the extent of exposure and to identify controls.

COSHH assessment can be a reasonably simple exercise, but sometime involves taking complex decisions to protect your employees.

Where this is necessary, Peak HSE will help with further advice and practical assistance.

Peak HSE can offer employers:-

  • Training and assistance to managers and supervisors on how to carry out assessments
  • Creating assessments on behalf of employers, which can be readily updated in-house in future years as and when things change
  • Reviewing and inspection of assessments for compliance
  • Advice on record keeping, review, LEV & RPE controls
  • Support with Occupational Health queries, for example investigations into how an employee has become ill due to chemical exposure

Further details on COSHH can be found here:

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