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Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Service

Peak HSE offers an airborne monitoring service through a Chartered Occupational Hygienist - CMFOH. 

The company is committed to quality and uses maintained and calibrated equipment, with samples analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory. Reports are written in line with HSE and BOHS guidelines.

Clients will receive a detailed report, containing advice on controls necessary to achieve compliance and best practice. Results are compared against Workplace Exposure Limits.

The results can be used in the assessment of risk required by COSHH assessments. 

Typical workplace monitoring surveys include:-

  • Inhalable and respirable dust, including further analysis for analytes such as respirable silica, toxic metals, etc.
  • Wood dust monitoring
  • Welding fumes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Solvent vapours from painting, degreasing, etc
  • Acid mists from metal finishing operations
  • Metal working fluids

Peak HSE is also able to offer regular thorough examinations of local exhaust ventilation systems and assistance with complex COSHH assessments.

For further advice on airborne sampling see:

IOSH Accreditation OSHCR Accreditation NEBOSH Accreditation
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