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30th March 2020


COVID-19 has become the top priority for everyone, government, employers, employees, partners, our children and our families. The pandemic places pressure on our clients to understand how to protect themselves and their colleagues.

In the past month, the UK Government has issued a whole series of guidelines and assistance on issues relating to the Corona Virus and its associated disease, Covid-19.

Within the health and safety field, there are some important messages on the HSE web site and UK Gov web pages.

The HSE has issued important guidelines on the following topics:

1. Protecting Home Workers

2. Driver welfare and hours

3. Face masks (RPE)

4. Diver’s medical certificates

5. Health/medical surveillance

The Gov web site contains guidelines on a full range of topics which includes two specific areas relating to safety, i.e.:

1. How to keep employees safe

2. How to clean workplaces safely

The site is also the reference point for critical business information.

Peak HSE is helping a number of its businesses with areas such as homeworkingprovision of advice on working alonehomeworking risk assessmentcritical safety work and shut down procedures.

If you would like to discuss any of these topics with us, please do not hesitate to call.

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